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Puertoriqueño en el extranjero.
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Happy Earth Day!!!

Jess, Mackenzie and Ruth and a whole lot of cosmetic clay.


Happy Earth Day, because nobody loves earth more than Galactus. (Art by Allan)


Guardians of the Galaxy—Official Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek [x]

I’ll see it but still not convinced…

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1 second cuts. 120 bpm. Experimental.


keep experimenting! Me likee!


Modelcon 2014 - Where dreams come true!

Have you ever wished to photograph ALL your favorite freelance models in one beautiful location? How about meet us, attend workshops, and simply have a jolly good time in LA for a weekend? Well, now’s the time!

Here’s the catch — we NEED your help to fund it! There are lots of prizes for donations, so we ain’t askin’ for something for nothing :D 

Please DONATE HERE - it means a lot to all of us (18 and growing,) including:

sierramckenzie (this is her brainchild!), rivimadison (on graphic design duty), Porcelain, and Justine Marie

All funds will go toward Convention costs: renting a house, travel costs, food, etc! :D

If you are a model and you wish to be part of this, please email Sierra:


passing it on

A vision in white

Shaun Tia (http://dorkypyro.tumblr.com/)




Metallic Ginger

Shaun Tia (http://dorkypyro.tumblr.com/)



Shaun Tia (http://dorkypyro.tumblr.com/)


A Vision…masked

Shaun Tia (http://dorkypyro.tumblr.com/)



Jessamyne (http://jessamynerose.tumblr.com/) for Film Friday


Ilford Pan-F Plus

Amelia Simone (http://ameliasimone.tumblr.com/) for Film Friday


Ilford Pan-F Plus

A series of hotel rooms

Sweet Pea for Film Friday

2011 2010

Ilford Pan-F Plus


All I aspire to is presence. In front of the camera, in love. I think that all models become models because we need to be reminded that we exist. To be a nude model is to be completely vulnerable, to be emptied out and made a vessel, and the satisfaction comes from knowing that when you see the final picture, you, the spark of you, will be there in it, unmistakably yourself. I find that my life is a constant repetition of losing myself, in work, in people, and finding myself again.

Photographer by Dave Aharonian

To some she may just be a model, I call her Muse and she is lovely inside and out.

Happy Birthday to the Phairest of the All!  Thanks for the tunes and inspirations!

You said things I wouldn’t say straight to my face, boy
You tossed the egg up and I found my hands in place, boy
After backing up as far as you could get
Don’t you know nobody parts two rivers met?

Don’t you know I’m very happy?
You know me well, I’m even happier I like it, I like it

With all of the time in the world to spend it
Wild and unwise, I wanna be mesmerizing too
Mesmerizing too
Mesmerizing to you

With all of the time in the world to spend it
Wild and unwise, I wanna be mesmerizing too
Mesmerizing too
Mesmerizing to you

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